Top 20 most visited South African Websites.

Top 20 most visited South African Websites.

South Africa is one of the continent’s largest economies. By all standards, the country is one of a few of Africa’s states that can compare favourably with the western world. For this reason, it would be fair to say that it has a wide online audience. We take a closer look at the country’s most visited websites owned by South Africans. Using Alexa’sranking, we sift through top visited foreign…

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Top 10 African Women in Technology.

Top 10 African Women in Technology.

The domination of men in Africa in most sectors of the economy is very common. While the reason for this trend is debatable in some circles, it would be totally wrong to say women have not been able to carve a place for themselves. In the world of technology, there exist few African Women in Technology taking the continent by storm. These women and their love for technology are greatly admired…

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Top 10 Great African Arts.

Top 10 Great African Arts.

Africa is a continent rich with cultures, tradition, and peoples. Even in the dark ages when the western world considered the continent as “dark, backward, and uncivilized”, historians and archeologists have found cultures and arts that show the continent was nothing close to backward or uncivilized. African arts are generally referred to arts in sub-Saharan Africa. These arts are sometimes…

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